Radchen soy protein comes from one of nature’s best resources: the Non-GMO soybean, which is designed to help technologists create better meat products. Soy protein isolates and how they provide nutritious meat products without compromising quality, taste or functionality.


Enhancing nutritional values of confectionary and bakery products is highly valued by consumers. Soy protein, fiber and lecithin products provide application benefits in the baking and baked goods.


The demand for highly nutritious, tasty and high-quality vegetarian food products is rising steadily year to year.


The most recent trend is to “refuel” with meal replacements and supplement powders, Protein bars, energy bars.


Radchen manufacturers to match its soy proteins and customer needs. Food products claiming to be healthy must also be tasty. Soy protein’s role in drinking beverages is to support general health, wellness and fitness goals.

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