Potato Starch-Superior Standard

Potato starch is particularly well suited for use in the food industry as a substitute for fat or as a thickening and filling agent; it is also used as a carrier of flavours and as a stabilising agent when used in emulsions. Potato starch is also used as a water binding agent in the food industry.

Two special features of potato starch are its white colour and neutral flavour as well as its high viscosity.

Potato starch is obtained by mechanical separation from potatoes components, washing out, purification, drying and sieving. Product is destinated for food and technical purposes.


Used in a food, chemical, paper and textile industries, to starch of clothes in householding, for baking, thickening of soup, sauces, etc. and also for technical purposes in different branches of industry.


Product free from genetic modification.


Product free from allergens.


No remains of pesticides higher than permissible.


Magnetic separators mounted in technological system.


Product is packed in 3-ply paper valve bags of 25 kg net. Other type of packing is possible after agreement with recipient.


Recommended relative moisture of air: 60-75 % 
Temperature should not exceed 20°C.

Shelf Life

5 years from date of production.

Physical & Chemical Measurements

Smell and taste typical for potato starch, free from foreign smell and taste
Colour pure white, not darker than  standard I
Macroscopic impurities, number of
organic particles per 1 decimetre 2, not more than 50 (with 20 % tolerance)
Moisture, %, not more than 20%
PH 5.5 – 7.5
Ash content in s.s.,%, not more than: 0.35
Minerals content, insoluble in 10% 
hydrochloric acid (HCl), in dry substance (m/m), not more than 0.06
SO2 content in mg/kg, not more than 10

Harmful Metals Content

arsenic (As), not more than 1 mg/kg
Lead (Pb), not more than 2 mg/kg
Quicksilver (Hg), not more than 0.1 mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd), not more than 0.1 mg/kg

Microbiological Measurements

Limit in 1g (m* & M*)

Type of microorganisms n* c* m* M*
Mesophilic organisms 5 2 10,000 100,000
E-Coli 5 2 0(0.1g) 0(0.01g)
Salmonella 5 0 0(25g)
Staphylococcus aureus 5 0 0(0.1g)
Moulds and Yeasts 5 2 500 1,000

*M – accepted threshold value, over this value all results are disqualified

*m – steady value or below this value all results are acceptable

*n – number of samples analised in batch

*c – number of samples in batch with results between m and M

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