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We focused on providing a real value to our clients with our premium products to make our customers satisfied with our quality and service.

What we do

We provide comprehensive solutions to customers to improve competitiveness:


Reduce costs and increase profits.


Real organic products.


Improve nutrition and increase value to their products.


Delivery support.


Improve the functionality and quality of products.


Pallet quantity shipments.

Featured Products

Isolated Soy Protein

Soy protein is an environmentally sustainable, economically efficient and healthy alternative to meet growing global demands.  Radchen provides a large variety of soy protein isolate with advanced technology and equipments.


Starches are particularly well suited for use in the food industry as a substitute for fat or as a thickening and filling agent; they are also used as a carrier of flavours and as a stabilising agent when used in emulsions.


In food industry, it is used as water-conservative, applied to can, fruit drinks, milk product, meat product, cheese and drinks.

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